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Nights: 3
Price Per Night:$379.67 (USD)
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Location(s): Paris
In addition to its classic architecture and wealth of museums, Paris is a food-lover's delight. In this four-day adventure, you will experience shopping for food in a food market with your chef-teacher, who will then help you prepare your midday meal. You'll also have a three-course dinner with wine tasting.
Nights: 9
Price Per Night:$166.56 (USD)
(based on double occupancy, for comparison only)
Location(s): Adriatic Pearl, Adriatic Pearl,Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik
Enjoy Croatia's most popular islands at a leisurely pace with plenty of free time for exploring and no need for directions and unpacking! The Dalmatian Coast along the Croatian side of the Adriatic Sea offers one of the most culturally rich regions of Europe. We've brought this option in for those who want a more personalized cruise along the Dalmatian Coast to explore the historic beauty and quiet charm of some of the most romantic islands and towns in Europe.
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Nights: 2
Price Per Night:$297.50 (USD)
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Location(s): Bologna
Explore Bologna and discover the reasons behind its nickname of "La Ricca, la Dotta & la Grassa" or in English, the rich, the wise and the fat. Bologna's riches come from its many important industries, including Italy's famous luxury cars such as Ferrari, headquartered in nearby Maranello. Wisdom comes from having one of Italy's first universities. And with its rich cuisine of Bolognese sauce, tortellini, lasagna and cappelletti, it's easy to see why Bologna is also known as "the fat."
Nights: 6
Price Per Night:$154.17 (USD)
(based on double occupancy, for comparison only)
Location(s): Sarria, Portomarin, Palas de Rei, Palas de Rei, Arzua, Arzua, O Pino, O Pino, Santiago de Compostela, Santiago de Compostela
Tens of thousands of Christian pilgrims and many other travelers set out each year from their front doorstep or popular starting points across Europe, to make their way to Santiago de Compostela. Most travel by foot, some by bicycle, and a few travel as some of their medieval counterparts did, on horseback or by donkey. In addition to people undertaking a religious pilgrimage, the majority are travelers and hikers who walk the route for non-religious reasons: travel, sport, or simply the chal...
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Nights: 1
Price Per Night:$425.00 (USD)
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Location(s): Normandy
On June 6, 1944, more than 100,000 Allied troops, including 73,000 Americans, landed on the beaches of Normandy from bases in England, during the largest amphibious assault the world had ever seen. D-Day marked the beginning of the defeat of Germany and the end of World War II. Pay homage to these heroes, thousands of whom gave their lives, in 2014, the 70th anniversary of D-Day. This short break brings you from Paris to Caen, Bayeux and the Landing Beaches themselves.
Nights: 11
Price Per Night:$206.27 (USD)
(based on double occupancy, for comparison only)
Location(s): Athens, Athens, Mykonos, Mykonos, Mykonos, Santorini, Santorini, Santorini, Crete, Crete, Crete, Athens, Athens
Experience Athens, considered the cradle of western civilization, and the enchantments of three of Greece's most beautiful islands - Mykonos, famous for windmills and nightlife - Santorini, reputed site of Atlantis - Crete, home of the fabled Minotaur and the Palace of King Minos. You begin with two nights in Athens, a city tour then dinner before proceeding to the islands. Finally, return to Athens for a final night before your flight home.
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Per Person
Nights: 2
Price Per Night:$469.50 (USD)
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Location(s): Venice
Venice is meant for lovers, and where could be better to spend a honeymoon, or an anniversary? We'll help you manage it all with private round-trip transfers, a private gondola ride, and a semi-private city walking tour. And the bottle of Prosecco in your hotel room will help fire up your romance!
Nights: 7
Price Per Night:$166.43 (USD)
(based on double occupancy, for comparison only)
Location(s): Split, Split,Bra&#269, Bra&#269,Hvar, Hvar, Hvar,Kor&#269ula, Kor&#269ula,Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik
Croatia has blossomed into one of Europe's hottest and most inspiring destinations. Enjoy Split and Dubrovnik as perfect bookends to a captivating jaunt down the Dalmatian coastline with several sun-kissed islands in between, each with their own distinctive flavor. From the jet-set magnet of Hvar to the laid-back island of Korčula with its wonderful Old Town and collection of unusual museums, this trip down the Dalmatian Coast will leave you inspired and refreshed.